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There’s a thief in my kingdom and I won’t rest until I catch them.
There’s too much at stake.
Too many lives it affects and too dark a road to travel if they escape.
Just the lingering scent of a thief in the night is the only clue they left.
Nobody steals from the Casino King – that’s not how it works.
I have nothing to go on, no idea of who it could be, but the moment that scent hits me I know what I have to do.
Catch a thief to save a king.

Five kings is the explosive new series by Stella Andrews.
Catch a King is the first and kick starts a trail through the darkness to find the Ruler of them all.
Next up is Steal a King which takes us to Vegas to meet the Casino King.
Five powerful men who belong to an exclusive club where membership requires you to leave your soul at the door.
Someone is out to bring them down, and each book tells their story and the women that break them.
If you like your books on the darker side, this series may be for you. Hot, dark, and twisted with romance running like a river of pleasure through its pages.
Each book can be read standalone and there are no cliff-hangers.

Other books in series

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