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Not every girl loves a bad boy

I have no heart.
I have no emotion.
I’m cold, broken, and dangerous.
I like to hurt, cause pain, followed by the ultimate pleasure, then I walk away leaving broken hearts behind me.

Now I have a challenge, a beautiful, desirable, feisty woman needs my help.
She has asked for something most men would kill for but
I’m not most men and when I’m finished with her, she will break like the rest of them.


I never wanted a bad boy. The only man I ever wanted was respectable, kind, and safe.
Be careful what you wish for because dreams are often nightmares wrapped in rainbows.
I need help and I know just who to ask.
Slade Channing, the man I even warn myself about.
I almost think he’ll refuse but will the payment he demands be something that destroys my future?

Yes, be careful what you wish for because once you make a deal with the devil, he sets fire to your soul.


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