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I breathe vengeance and taste pain.

Beneath the tailored suits and silk shirts beats a heart with no mercy.

My billions lie on top of broken souls and tortured endings.

I am evil and I accept I always will be.

My plan. To hide behind innocence to play my enemies at their own game and bring them down.  

I have the perfect weapon.

I rescued an angel who believes I am a good man. 

Noble, charitable, fair, and true.

She desires me, craves my wicked touch, and drowns in my depravity.  

She is pure. I am evil.

She is my fair lady — my Eliza Doolittle if you like. A blank canvas on which I will create a masterpiece. Somebody to fool the most discerning eye.

But I am no gentleman. I am the man she fears the most. The devil waiting behind the mountain range. 

I will teach her how to be my perfect woman and she will thank me for it.

I am the master of the game. 

She doesn’t even realize we are playing one.

She signed a contract inked in tears and sealed with blood. Now she is mine and there is nothing she can do about that because hidden in the small print — she gifted me her soul.


Revenge, a marriage contract, and a devastating betrayal.


For fans of dark mafia romance and hard-fought happy endings. Mad chaotic scenes and devilish behavior. Steamy, intense, and shocking. You have been warned.

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A Shade of Evil
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Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Shade Vieri has no mercy. No compassion and no empathy.
He is cruel, enigmatic, and deliciously dark.

His instructions are clear.
Find the Achilles heel of the enemy and destroy it.
The enemy is a woman who slides across his soul like spun silk.
A breath of fresh air in a dark, depressing world.
A free spirit with a heart of gold and a woman who ticks every box he has ever thought of.
A woman he must destroy.

This dish is anything but cold.
This dish is so hot it burns.

For fans of dark mafia romance and hard-fought happy endings. Mad chaotic scenes and devilish behavior. Steamy, intense, and shocking. You have been warned.

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Pretty Evil

When the cage door opens, freedom is a difficult temptation to ignore.

Serena Vieri
Mafia princess, protected her entire life for a very good reason.

There is a target on her back.

Her family believed she was better off not knowing but with knowledge comes a certain kind of power that she could sure use right now.
On her way to Australia to see her mom, her bodyguard was detained leaving her open to attack.
The attack came in the form of whispered words of adventure.
A deep husky voice promised her the flight of her life.
He slid over her soul like a serpent about to strike and trapped her in a web of intrigue and desire.
He thought he had the upper hand.

He was wrong.

Serena Vieri learned her lessons well and he is about to discover that some journeys require you to hold on tight if you want to arrive at your destination in one piece.

Born Evil
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Some devils come dressed in sharp suits with eyes that seduce and a check box beside every wish you ever had.
Some victims come dressed in innocence and ignorance, disguising a soul of pure fire.

I am Troy Remington. Ruthless billionaire with a heart of steel.

I offered Laura Kincaid the job of a lifetime for a very important reason.

To gain control of the empire her grandfather formed and remove her criminal family from the secret society he founded.

The Dark Lords have become bigger than the Vieris and there is no room in it for anything other than reputable businessmen and men of power.

She doesn’t know she has mafia blood running through her veins because she was adopted at birth and until now was living a respectable life with good, honest people who have kept her secret well.

Laura Kincaid is my key to the throne room and her grandfather will have no choice but to agree to my terms if he wants to keep his dirty little secret hidden or face his past blowing up and devastating his perfect world.

Some men fight dirty and some men fight clever.

I do both and I never lose.

A dark mafia romance that you will not want to end.

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