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The Enforcer

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Revenge, domination, control and power.

Love doesn’t come into it when you are fighting a war and sometimes the best weapons are the most unexpected.



I ran from two monsters into the arms of another.


Domenico Ortega.


Mafia Prince


His dark good looks, brimming with masculine intensity, make my heart beat a little faster. The way he stares at me through those demonic eyes causes me to shiver, and it’s not out of fear. When he speaks, his voice is husky and laced with dangerous intent, and I crave every syllable. Then there’s his magnificent body that could crush a woman’s heart as well as a man’s soul, and I would gladly sacrifice my own to his.


Then I discovered the people I ran from are on his wanted list and he locked me in his mansion as part of a twisted revenge.

Fraud, dishonesty and theft aren’t the only things he wants from me.


He also wants my soul.


He’s not the only one.


It turns out he’s not the villain in my story after all.

There is something more sinister out there who hides behind sick rituals and blood-drenched altars.


Will my dark Prince come for me or will my story end unhappily ever after?


Buckle up for a dark, twisted ride of family secrets, lies, and revenge.

Somewhere in the middle of mayhem, a love story grows that has a very hard beginning.

Fans of Dark Mafia Romance will love Ortega Mafia.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💋💋

Stella is definitely the Queen of Darkness.

A Dark, slightly disturbing, gritty, tense and altogether breathtaking story, with a passionate edge.

This new series is going to blow you away.


Be warned there are some triggers:

Forced imprisonment

Abuse Rape

(previously and off page)


Rough handling

Gun & knife violence

And some others I reckon I’ve said it all there.


Press the button, you won't regret it.

The Consigliere
Ortega Mafia (3).jpg

The devil dances on the sabbath while the innocent rest.

My stepmother and her deranged lover stole our business.
The Ortega Mafia is ours by birth but they have other ideas.

With the help of my two brothers, it's time to steal it back and I have a secret weapon.

Abigail Kensington.
Billionaire’s daughter and Washington princess.
The perfect woman who is definitely out of my league.
A woman my target is obsessed with. The one woman he never had and settled for my stepmother instead.

I am a master at exploiting weakness and will make the pampered princess an offer she can’t refuse.
I will use her, probably abuse her and ruin her, in my thirst for revenge.
She is a pawn in my wicked game of chess, and I play to win.

I will destroy lives and corrupt souls all in the name of victory, and they won’t know what hit them.

It’s time to gain the upper hand and take charge of our destiny.
The Ortega Mafia is ours, and nobody will ever get in the way of that.

Buckle up for a dark, twisted ride of family secrets, lies, and revenge. Somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, a love story evolves that has a very hard beginning.
Fans of Dark Mafia Romance will love Ortega Mafia.

The Don

We signed a contract inked in blood and sealed with revenge.

Both playing by our own rules, determined to win at all costs.




The deeper the jungle the harder it is to find your way out and when you are running for your life nothing else matters. 

I'm the fool that stopped running and faced my predator head on.


He murdered my parents and I have spent my entire life preparing to return the favor

My chance came over a tense game of poker when I stared into the eyes of the devil and gifted him my soul.


He offered me two million dollars to rid the world of his own demon. 


I would have done it for free.




I hired an assassin for two million dollars to guarantee my family's future.

Succeed or die, those were the terms we agreed to.

Work with me to bring a tyrant down and leave me head of The Ortega Mafia. My rightful place, by blood.

Then I met her across the table at a poker game one night.

Dark and sexy with the brutal eyes of a demon and a body for sin.

My match in every way possible, two halves of the same coin.


But in my world business comes first, it always has and emotions are a luxury I could never afford.

Revenge, is my business and I am good at what I do.

Then why do I crave the soft kisses of a broken angel who slides like decadent silk across my soul?

Staring at me with the eyes of a siren and entrapping my soul in her silky web.


Mafia is a business and the stakes are high. There is no room for emotion and the contract stands.

Success or death.

There is no other choice.


A Dark, slightly disturbing, gritty, tense and altogether breath-taking story, with a passionate edge.

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