coming 2023

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Domenico Ortega is the son of the Mafia King.
The King is dead.

It's time to claim the throne.
There is one woman standing in his way - his stepmother.

Despite being the same age she seduced him and then married his father, forcing him to leave and run the family business in Vegas.
Now he's back but he's not alone.

Diana is about to learn that family bites back and when you're known as The Enforcer she had better start running.


One minute I was dancing with a man who made my flesh creep, the next I found myself in the insanely large arms of a man who had the opposite effect.
It turns out that man was Domenico Ortega and his plan for me should have made me stick with the first option because he is about to tear my world apart and make me face a demon I thought was long since buried.

My sister.

Buckle up for a dark twisted ride of family secrets, lies, and revenge. Somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, a love story evolves that has a very hard beginning.
Fans of Dark Mafia Romance will love Ortega Mafia.