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The Carter Brothers

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Brutally British

brutally British
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Previously published as Made in London & bad decision

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When I came to London, It wasn’t to find him.
A man who shrugged on a life of crime like a well-worn jacket.
A man who made my principles desert me in a heartbeat.
Somebody who invoked fear, desperation and longing with just one flash

of his deadly eyes.
A protector, a destroyer and a man with no mercy.

The one man I want and can’t have.

My Stepbrother.


They say you always want what you can’t have.

That’s never applied to me…. until now.

One taste it all I want but it will never be enough.

Warned off and threatened with my life.

You know what?

I don’t follow rules, I break them.

And I’m going to break them over and over again when I claim her soul

to burn in Hell alongside mine.

This is forbidden, dangerous and catastrophic love and I’m about to start a war.

Fiercely British

fiercely british
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Second chances must be earned, and I am walking away from mine.

However, one woman has crawled into my frozen heart and is thawing it out from the inside.

But I turned my back on her for a reason.

She was put in danger because of me. Because of the villainous world I inhabit, filled with men who view emotion as a weakness.

It won’t happen again because for her own good, I must cut Tracey Hill out of my life for good.

However, someone needs to tell that to my heart because she’s still in there and refuses to leave.

It appears the only way to keep her safe is to remove the danger and make a deal with the devil, which could end up tearing my family apart.

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