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Sealed With a Broken Kiss




Colonel Rick Lee rules over King’s Point Naval Academy like Satan over Hell and is just as brutal.

It’s the same at home and in every recruit’s welcome pack is a warning to stay away from the Colonel’s virgin daughter.
Only a fool would disobey orders.

Then the bikers roll into town. The Twisted Reaper MC.
Ex-military and Navy SEALS, all with a connection to King’s Point.

It’s not a social visit.

Rebel hates the Colonel with a passion and the feeling is mutual and as soon as he catches sight of Sophie Lee, his mind is made up.

It takes a broken hero to shatter a legend and Rebel is about to break the Colonel’s world apart.
When you go against orders, there’s only one possible outcome.


If you love a hard, tough, alpha male, with a soft spot for a beautiful damsel in distress, this book is for you
This is an intriguing, emotional and engrossing MC romance filled with thrilling moments, suspense, family, angst and really sexy and steamy scenes.

A must read if you like rough, dirty, tough and sinfully delicious bikers and the women they love.

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