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To save a King, you need to slay a dragon.


I have one job. Go undercover at the Dragon’s Ruin, MC Club to discover why one of them is asking questions about the president of The Twisted Reapers MC, Ryder King.
I will not let them down.
They are my family, my protectors, my lovers.
To be a Reaper, you must think and act like one, and the bikers at the Dragon’s Ruin are going to discover that the hard way.

Until him.



A bandeau wearing hot mess of darkness.
Violent obsidian eyes, full of lust that promise to wrap me in shadows.
So dangerous he will be the ruin of me and threaten to smash my principles into jagged edges of betrayal.

I’m suddenly not so brave.
Will I betray my own family for one second with him, or will he ultimately use me to bring the Twisted Reapers down?

There are five kings. At the end of this, will there be four?

Five kings is the explosive new series by Stella Andrews.
Catch a King is the first and kick starts a trail through the darkness to find the Ruler of them all. Five powerful men who belong to an exclusive club where membership requires you to leave your soul at the door. Someone is out to bring them down, and each book tells their story and the women that break them.
If you like your books on the darker side, this series may be for you. Hot, dark and twisted with romance running like a river of pleasure through its pages.

Each book can be read standalone and there are NO cliffhangers.

other books in the series

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