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Hunter Blake.

The King of Wall Street and the biggest bastard you’d be unfortunate to meet.
A man with many enemies, and that’s just his immediate family.
The most ruthless man ever to rule the markets and one who is so cold the air he breathes freezes around him.

Strong. Possessive. Dominant.

A man you do everything to avoid and yet dream about at night.
Now the hunter has become the hunted and he is about to meet his match.

Lexi Mackenzie.

A woman of extremes. Fire and ice, wrapped in rainbows. She would knit you a scarf and then strangle you with it.
A woman of conflicting souls, dark and light, and you never know which one you’re getting.
Sent to do a job and take no prisoners.

Will she save Hunter – from himself, or will it all end in disaster?

A deliciously dark and captivating romance with so much steam and chemistry it burns.

The series is Five Kings, but each book can be read as a standalone and there are no cliffhangers.

Books in the series:

Catch a King
Steal a King
Break a King

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Other books in the series

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