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broken beauty


“I ran from the beast into the arms of the Devil.”
Sophia Moretti

It takes a special kind of glue to mend a broken Angel.
She came to the right place—or so she thought.
Broken, traumatized and scared.
Her past was a place that had no business in her future.
But she ran to me.
She should have kept running.

A man that keeps his secrets hidden behind eyes that are shielded by the blackest shade.
A prince shrouded in the helm of darkness to disguise a heart that is cloaked with the souls of the damned.
A wild Boar dressed in biker leathers, sunglasses and a stinking attitude.
A man who could pick a fight in an empty room.
A God of war.
Just the man I need right now.
As it turns out - I should have kept on running.

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