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Breaking Beauty

Everyone deserves a second chance – don’t they?


Sebastian Stone - the boy I grew up with.

My best friend who I confided in and trusted more than anyone.

The boy who stuck up for me at school and filled my days with laughter and happiness.

The boy who turned into a man who slipped into my bed at night and made me into a woman while the rest of the house slept.

He awakened feelings in me I never knew I had and promised never to leave me.

In return, I gave him my innocence and his kisses brought new life to a soul I had surrendered to the Devil many years ago.

However, this sleeping beauty woke up to find her Prince was a monster in disguise because he turned his back on her and chose her sister instead.

When I heard they were to marry I left and fell down the darkest rabbit hole I could find.


But now I'm back and he won't like what I've become. He's about to learn this Princess went over to the dark side and now the only thing on her mind is revenge.

It's time to face my past and change the future - the hard way.

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