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Would you do anything for the man who saved your life?
Even if it means doing something Twisted?

You don't have a choice when the man asking is a government assassin - aka Ryder King, President of The Twisted Reapers MC.

So, here's the deal
*Provide backup for one of his club members.
*Introduce her to the most powerful men in the land.
*Then watch her bring them down and show no mercy.

This will be a piece of cake for an ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire Steel Magnate.  
Then she walked into my office and the game changed.

The woman in front of me is something else.
Beautiful doesn't do her justice.
Stunning, not even close.
I want to devour every part of the woman watching me with those wicked eyes and taste those lips that taunt me with desire.

F**k Ryder. He's sent me Eve and I'll have to watch her reeling in another while desiring every inch of this bewitching beauty myself.

She doesn't know it yet but when this ends - we begin.

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