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Brutally British

Signed paperback plus SWAG

If you would like the book inscribed, please let us know. If you don't, the book will simply be signed. 

Brutally British

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  • Dark, dangerous and desirable.

    When I came to London, It wasn't to find him.

    A man who shrugged on a life of crime like a well-worn jacket.

    A man who made my principles desert me in a heartbeat.

    A man who invokes fear, desperation and longing with just one flash of his deadly eyes.

    A protector, a destroyer and a man with no mercy.

    The one man I want and can't have.

    My Stepbrother.



    They say you always want what you can't have.

    That's never applied to me... until now.

    One taste is all I want but it will never be enough.

    Warned off and threatened with my life and if I had any sense I'd back off - but I can't.

    You know what?

    I don't follow rules, I break them.

    And I'm going to break them over and over again when I claim her soul to burn in Hell alongside mine.


    This is forbidden, dangerous and catastrophic love and I'm about to start a war.

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