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A Signed paperback copy of The Dark Lords – Pure Evil

Signed paperback with SWAG

To be collected at RARE Florence on Saturday 23rd September

A Signed paperback copy of The Dark Lords – Pure Evil

Only 8 left in stock
  • I breathe vengeance and taste pain.

    Beneath the tailored suits and silk shirts beats a heart with no mercy.

    My billions lie on top of broken souls and tortured endings.

    I am evil and I accept I always will be.

    My plan. To hide behind innocence to play my enemies at their own game and bring them down.

    I have the perfect weapon.

    I rescued an angel who believes I am a good man.

    Noble, charitable, fair, and true.

    She desires me, craves my wicked touch, and drowns in my depravity.

    She is pure. I am evil.

    She is my fair lady — my Eliza Doolittle if you like. A blank canvas on which I will create a masterpiece. Somebody to fool the most discerning eye.

    But I am no gentleman. I am the man she fears the most. The devil waiting behind the mountain range.

    I will teach her how to be my perfect woman and she will thank me for it.

    I am the master of the game.

    She doesn’t even realize we are playing one.

    She signed a contract inked in tears and sealed with blood. Now she is mine and there is nothing she can do about that because hidden in the small print — she gifted me her soul.


    Revenge, a marriage contract, and a devastating betrayal.

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