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He saved me, but who will save me from him?


They call him Snake; I call him a bad day at the office.

A man of extremes. Hard. Ruthless. Dominant.

Dangerous & predatory.

A man of duty and yet a renegade.


I stepped from one nightmare into another and he holds the key to my prison.

I was operating undercover. Then he arrived and everything changed. Locked in a cabin away from civilization, I am stuck with him until he says otherwise.

An operation gone badly wrong that will take a miracle to put right.

I may have lost everything. My job, almost my life, and now my principles because one look at him changes the rules.


He only wants one thing - me and is prepared to wait for as long as that takes.


I’ve never been one to run away from a fight, and something tells me this one is destiny or destruction.


But whose?


If you love a hard, tough alpha male with a soft spot for a beautiful damsel in distress, then this book is for you

This is an intriguing, emotional, and engrossing MC romance filled with thrilling moments, suspense, family, angst, and really sexy and steamy scenes.


A must-read if you like rough, dirty, tough, and sinfully delicious bikers and the women they love.


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