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They call me The Demon for a reason and Eliza Ortega is about to find out why.
A runaway mafia princess who stumbled from one nightmare to an even bigger one.

She has something I want and I intend on collecting.
I will stop at nothing to deliver my promise and if there are casualties I will consider it a good day at the office.

My hobby is testing limits. I love the fight and I'll be disappointed if she gives in without one.
I will have a challenge on my hands because her father is considered the Mafia King and he is tearing the world apart just to find her.

He never will because now she is my prisoner, and I will do with her whatever I like.

Dark, dangerous, and full of depravity. This book will wrap you in shadows until you can’t bear the light. Scenes may upset some readers, you have been warned.

Bleeding romance and suspense, this book ticks all the boxes.
High heat and scenes that are not for the fainthearted.

If you love a dark Mafia romance, you’re in the right place.

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