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For one night only betrayal will never feel so good

 The clock is ticking.

When I graduate, I am to marry my father’s closest friend.

A business deal.

A transaction.

A Contract.

 I was sent to finish my education at Rockwell Academy under the watchful eye of my twin brother.

 It was my father’s biggest mistake.

 I am living in a house with five dangerous men. Feared on campus and desired because of it. They are to protect me but not touch me.

 I can look but there is only one I see.

They call him The Beast.

His wild beauty makes me burn and those dark hooded eyes are framed by the longest lashes I have ever seen on a man. A wild spirit. The hero in a love story whose malevolent eyes flash with desire when they are directed at me.

Those long dark lashes hide many secrets behind them, and the chaos surrounding him makes my soul weep

All I want is one night only to see what all the fuss is about before a lifetime of hell.

One night with him.

 The act of betrayal will trigger a war, but the pleasure of his touch, addictive kisses, and the way his skin slides against mine will be worth the sacrifice.

My future may be planned, but I have three months to change it.

I will fight for my freedom even if I die trying.

As it turns out, I start a war.


For fans of dark mafia romance and hard-fought happy endings. Mad chaotic scenes and devilish behavior. Steamy, intense, and shocking, Club Mafia will take you on a ride that you will never want to end.

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