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The Throne of Pain

Signed paperback with SWAG

If you would like the book inscribed, please let me know. If you don't, the book will simply be signed. 

The Throne of Pain

  • "Can you live with the devil, Riley because it’s hot in hell?”

    The definition of pain is Lucian Romano.
    I will never forget that name or the man that owns it.
    Dark, wicked, cruel and so hot he melts fire.

    I thought he was the owner of the hotel I was staying in.
    I thought he would be the person to hear my complaint and I thought he knew right from wrong.
    I was mistaken.

    I should have noticed the fear in the receptionist’s eyes when she saw him coming.
    I should have kept my mouth shut and walked – no run away fast.
    But I was a fool.

    I walked right up to him and prodded the beast.
    Then he pounced and I found myself locked in a cage in his bedroom.

    He’s so dark and dangerous I can almost taste the ash from the pit of hell.
    Power blazes from his eyes like lightning from Neptune’s trident and my heart sinks as I see what a huge mistake I just made.
    This man doesn't play games - he creates them.

    I’ve had better days, I've had better vacations but as it turns out, I've never had better than him.

    A dark & twisted Mafia Romance that will blow your mind.
    This is one wild ride that's not for the faint-hearted and some scenes may upset readers.

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