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The Throne of Fear

“Dear heart, why him?”

This is a love story between strangers who should never have met. A tragedy and a fairy tale where the bad guy steals the princess.

I’m Romeo Romano,

Deep, dark and damaged for a very good reason—my past.
I take what and who I want and then discard them and move on to the next. They think it’s because I don’t feel—I feel too much.
It’s always been her. The one I have placed on a pedestal out of reach.
The woman who stirs emotion that I keep well hidden.
She is the light to my shade. The good to my bad and the Angel to my Devil. She outlines my edges and colors in my soul.
She doesn’t even know I exist.
Like a stalker, I watch from afar. I torture myself with a vision of what will never be mine, and I punish those that cross my path because they aren’t her. Ivy Jackson, goddess, perfection, the Juliet I can never have.
Everywhere I look, she’s all I see.
She is the secret I don’t even share with myself.
Unfinished business that never began, one big complication.
Then I learn something that changes everything. She’s in trouble and I can’t stand by and watch her fall.
I am waiting to catch her and set her on her feet again, but as soon as she falls into my arms, I know I’m never giving her back.

A dark & twisted Mafia Romance that will blow your mind.
This is one wild ride that’s not for the faint-hearted, and some scenes may upset readers.

The third installment of The Romanos. Each book is standalone and the story of three brothers. Lucian, Dante & Romeo. The Throne of Pain, Hate and Fear. You will want them all.

The Throne of Fear

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