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Steal a King

Signed paperback with SWAG

If you would like the book inscribed, please let me know. If you don't, the book will simply be signed.

Steal a King

  • I’m in danger and not just from my extremely handsome, cocky, billionaire captor.

    It’s surprising how quickly a normal life can unravel Kidnapped on my way home from the airport, I was taken to him.
    Lucas Emiliano—the Casino King.

    Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t even begin to describe a man of extremes.
    A paradox, cruel and detached one minute and full of emotion the next.

    Strong. Possessive. Dominant.

    He wants answers and I’m going nowhere until he has them.
    It turns out something was stolen from him. Something that earned me not just money but so much heat they sent a devil to guide me through the flames.
    At times like this running is the only answer, but it appears he has other ideas.
    A King takes what he wants, and he wants me and I’m now his prisoner, locked in a gilded cage.

    I don’t want to be attracted to him, but I am and I don’t want my heart to race and my body to shiver with desire when it sees him, but it does.
    Then something happens that changes everything.
    Now it’s not just about my survival, it’s about much more than that.

    Will earning my freedom be a price I’m unwilling to pay?

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