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Owning Beauty

Tobias Moretti. Billionaire boss and Mafia Don.
If I need something, I buy it.
If I desire something, I take it, and if I want something – it's mine.

I like to own the best that money can buy and surround myself with beauty and Art.
I want the best and don’t care how far I go to own it.
She’s about to discover that I always go a step too far.
She gave up everything to be my wife but there is still one valuable asset she owns that causes the feral beast in me to growl.

Her innocence.

My world is a dark and dangerous place full of nightmares that never go away.
My beauty is about to wake up and discover the prince who rescued her from the tower is a beast in disguise and she will hear me roar as I claim the innocence of my virgin bride.

Yes, I can live without love but I can’t live without that and nothing is going to stand in my way because what Tobias Moretti wants – he gets, over and over again.

A dark arranged marriage mafia romance with high heat and a happily ever after we wish was ours.
If you like books with a strong, possessive, dominant male, full of suspense with high heat - enjoy.

Owning Beauty

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