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Marry a  King

Signed paperback with SWAG

If you would like the book inscribed, please let me know. If you don't, the book will simply be signed.

Marry a King

  • The graduation ball sealed her fate.
    The unmasking ceremony chained her to my side.
    The most beautiful woman in Andromeda.
    Cassiopeia Brookes-Stanley, a vision wrapped in sin.

    Aquamarine eyes that steal my breath and capture my soul.
    Soft curves that beg for my attention with an innocence she will surrender only to me.

    I long to hear her gentle moans as I rip her dreams to shreds and bend her to my will.
    The woman I have watched grow from a shy girl into a captivating beauty.
    Strong, well-educated, and ambitious.
    A woman whose beauty and strength betrayed her.

    She thought she could leave.
    She wanted a new life.
    She gets none of the above because like it or not, her new life begins now - as my Queen.

    My brother may have other ideas. He always wants what’s mine and I will fight to the death to have it all.
    To take my place as King. To hold the greatest power on earth and there is nothing they can do about that.
    It ends now.

    Our destiny was by birth, but our future was born from revenge.

    Phenomenally dark, twisted, hot and delicious!

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