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Dirty Hero

A Twisted Reaper Romance

Dirty Hero

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  • They call him Snake; I call him a bad day at the office.
    A man of extremes.
    Hard. Ruthless. Dominant. Dangerous & predatory.
    A man of duty and yet a renegade.

    I stepped from one nightmare into another and he holds the key to my prison.
    I was operating undercover. Then he arrived and everything changed.
    Locked in a cabin away from civilization, I am stuck with him until he says otherwise.
    An operation gone badly wrong that will take a miracle to put right.
    I may have lost everything. My job, almost my life, and now my principles because one look at him changes the rules.
    He only wants one thing - me and is prepared to wait for as long as that takes.

    I’ve never been one to run away from a fight, and something tells me this one is destiny or destruction.
    Will it be mine, or his?

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