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Destroy a  King

Signed paperback with SWAG

If you would like the book inscribed, please let me know. If you don't, the book will simply be signed.

Destroy a King

  • Possessive. Dominant. Broken.
    A monster in an Armani suit.

    I worked under him and was so low on his radar I barely registered.
    Then it all changed with one foolish lapse of judgment. I stepped into his world with killer heels and an attitude that rubbed him up the wrong way.
    I angered the beast and I’m about to pay the ultimate price because this monster has claws and is about to rip me to shreds.
    So, bring it on because this victim holds a secret that will bring him to his knees.
    Dexter Prince is about to discover that monsters come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they bite back.

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