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Club Mafia – The Angel

Signed Paperback with SWAG

Club Mafia – The Angel

  • The Angel

    A dying man gave me the gift of life.

    Two names.

    One of them belongs to the mother I never knew I had.

    When I found her, I wanted answers and something more.

    Her stepdaughter.


    Louisa Sullivan


    The daughter of a billionaire, but it’s not the money that interests me.

    Finding my mother was only part of my plan.

    I need Louisa for my own reasons and she is perfect.

    Marry her and merge our families to bring her uncle down and set my friend free.


    It turns out the other name holds the secret that will topple an empire, and I’m the man to release the wrecking ball.




    There’s a stranger in our house.

    As soon as I enter the room, I know who he is.

    Two dark eyes watch me approach, and it’s as if he is reading my soul.

    He is the most handsome man I have ever met and yet there’s an edge of danger to him that makes my skin prickle with energy and causes a shiver to fizz my blood with the promise that things will never be the same again.

    I was right.

    He brought with him chaos, destruction, and power, and what he wants most is—me.

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